Extremely frequently asked questions

Why are Cangoru™ gloves so expensive?

On average, our gloves last 1.5 times longer than standard work gloves in the market, maintaining comfort throughout their entire service life. A simple calculation reveals that our prices are highly reasonable. This is because the number of gloves you need per unit of time will decrease, given their extended longevity.

We do not compromise on:

  • The grade of the leather.
  • Stitching techniques and materials under registered trademark.
  • Match of the declared size with the actual one.

If you wish to verify all of the above, just test our samples.

Why are Cangoru™ gloves so cheap?

Have you tried our product and found the price surprising? The explanation is straightforward: we are the direct manufacturer and importer of Cangoru™ products, hence, there are no additional costs related to a cumbersome distribution system.

I am still uncertain... why Cangoru™?

Many of our clients, including prominent metallurgical plants, have attested to it, and now the hands of their workers are securely protected by our gloves.