Cangoru Distributors

Expertise. Guidance. Backing.

  • Cangoru™ Gloves is a Canadian brand that came to take a place on the North American safety gear market for the long time. Our distributor is a valued partner, who can rely on our work.
  • The model range is crafted as a baseline, bringing forth a series of classic, durable and high-volume designs.
  • We guarantee transparency in every aspect of our relationship with distributor, including price formation. And because we listen to the opinion of our distributor's clients, each model you invest in will only increase effectiveness with every batch.
  • One of our advantages is a broad resource base, which includes advanced content packages. If a distributor requires any customized content, we are always ready to tailor it to the liking of the distributor's clients and share it in printed form.

The Cangoru Advantage.

Cangoru product line is intentionally limited, allowing us to make regular technological adjustments according to the feedback from the field. This principle, delving deeper into each small detail of every model without expanding the model range to an uncontrolled number, has resulted in our baseline models being competitive with those of leading North American manufacturers.